What are BioLateral Sound Recordings?

BioLateral Sound Recordings (or BioLateral for short) are CDs which can be used as an alternative to eye movements as a source of bilateral stimulation. BioLateral is effective both for treatment and relaxation. At only $30 per CD, BioLateral is the least costly of all alternative EMDR technologies and can be used by clients during sessions, as well as, in between by appropriate clients. More than 25,000 BioLateral CDs have been sold and are being used in every corner of the globe. After more than 20 years of use, feedback regarding the efficacy of BioLateral tapes continues to reflect excitement and enthusiasm.

How is BioLateral Used?

It is easy to personally evaluate the effectiveness of BioLateral. (Please note — this self use exercise should only be used by Brainspotting/EMDR trained therapists.) Simply sit in a quiet place and think of something that is bothering you at that moment. Develop your own protocol with a SUDS, see where you hold it in your body and follow your associations. Then observe the nature of your processing and occasionally return to target and retake the SUDS.

When in session with clients, work up or use an existing target and protocol. Proceed as usual with desensitization – client puts on stereo headphones with Biolateral CD or tape running (no eye movements are necessary) to start the set and removes them when therapist ends set. Otherwise proceed as usual with Brainspotting/EMDR process. Volume should be low audible so as not to distract processing.

How Will My Clients Benefit from BioLateral?

BioLateral CDs take advantage of the client’s ability to process through auditory stimulation and provide an effective, low-cost means of effecting left/right aural tones and produce bilateral stimulation, an alternative to eye movement. Client eye strain, as well as therapist arm and shoulder stress are eliminated. The passive stimulation of BioLateral CDs may reduce client distraction. The CDs allow for each set to continue as long as you or the client chooses. Many Brainspotting/EMDR therapists have reported that educated clients are often better able to determine the length of a set as they are witnessing the processing “from the inside.” BioLateral can even be played during a non Brainspotting/EMDR session which may deepen the process and enhance insights. Many Brainspotting/EMDR therapists have reported that BioLateral has helped some dissociative clients process with less agitation. BioLateral can be used in between sessions to help the client relax and control anxiety and insomnia.

What Brainspotting/EMDR Therapists Are Saying About BioLateral?

“I’ve been using your Biolateral CD with my clients and am very pleased with it. It has made the work more fluid, as there is more focus on the processing with less concern for both the client and me on the eye hand movements. I have observed an additional benefit for the therapist, one that I don’t remember you speaking of. I have done hundreds of sessions with clients who had big T traumas-childhood sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, sexual assault, etc. and had been experiencing a high level of vicarious trauma in the past. I was even having nightmares about being in wars, being held captive and being attacked, in addition to having somatic symptoms that were similar to those of the clients I was treating. Even though I attempted to de-brief myself after EMDR sessions by using EM’s I wasn’t all that successful. Now, however, by using the CD for the EMDR session, I am physically further away and am able to ground myself much better during the process. I am no longer experiencing anywhere near the distress that I encountered in the past, when I was so close to the clients face and body (as was necessary for the Eye Movements). I think I am more highly sensitive than most and maybe have a more permeable aura and I’m guessing that I was absorbing what they were releasing. So the use of the auditory stimulation has been a real gift to me.”

Ann Herrmann, MSW, LCSW

“I am using your bi-lateral tapes a lot and love them. Often when a client is resistant to, or afraid of eye movements and finds the headphones too intense, I use a boom box, set on very low volume, with the speakers about eight feet apart, with the client centered between them. It seems to help processing and doesn’t get in the way of the discussion. I go ahead and do the protocol but don’t stop to do EM’s and say ‘think about that.’ I just let the silence, with the tape playing, do it for me. Seems to work.”

Chris Kornbluth, LCSW

“I’ve been using the Bio-lateral #1 with a sexually abused teen who is incarcerated in juvenile detention. In three sessions he processed a horrendous abuse experience and went from anger so strong his head was exploding to the wonderful post EMDR statement ‘It’s all in the past now.’ I wanted to thank you for producing the tapes because there was no way this boy would feel comfortable with the other forms of bi-lateral stimulation.”

Jim Van der May, ACSW

“This week, I have gone from EM’s to your tapes with 5 clients and all of them ere able to process at a much deeper level in a shorter amount of time. They all felt being able to close their eyes and control the length of stimulation was extremely helpful. Thanks so much for these invaluable tapes. They truly do make a difference for people.”

Linda Richards, MS L2

“As I’ve said before, your Biolateral CD’s are amazing and the results have been beyond my hopes. Thanks a lot, David.”

Mary Kay Neumann, MSSW

“I had a session with a ballet teacher a few weeks ago that shows the power of EMDR and your tape (as if you needed any convincing) but is perhaps good feedback. ‘Amazing change and yet so easily done with your tape.’ ”

Bill Wrigley, Clinical Psychologist, Australia

BioLateral CDs Available

Can effectively and gently replace eye movements. Utilizes simple and complex sweeping sound with subtle polyrhythms and change of direction. Using Grand Illusion and Big Sweep technology can be more soothing and effective as well as less distracting, eliminating need for distracting tones. Clients can easily select the track they want to listen to, in or out of session. Set CD player to repeat mode to choose continuous use of one melody.

Special Offers

ANY FOUR CDs $100 (Recommend choices: The Best of BioLateral II, Present Tents, Beyond The Inner Mirror, Inner Mirror)


Absolute Package: Includes All Eight Biolateral CDS, Complete set of Brainspotting Phase 1, 2 and 3 DVD Trainings with equipment packages, Brainspotting Book and This is Your Brain on Sports books. $995

Full Package: Complete set of 3 DVD Trainings and 2 Books: $825

Complete DVD package: Includes Phase 1,2 and 3: $799

CD and Book Package): 4 CDs of your choice, plus Brainspotting Book and This is Your Brain on Sports books. $130


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