“After almost 18 years of clinical work with an extremely varied caseload, the biggest change to my life was the discovery of EMDR.  The second biggest change, as my proficiency increased, was discovering the effectiveness of using the Audio mode following its introduction to me, by David Grand, at one of my trainings.  All modes have their use but I almost routinely use audio now, finding the patients, from teens to adult, often prefer this method.  They seem to more easily process and tolerate longer sets and appreciate having control over the length of set, although the clinician can always intervene if necessary.  I hope that research soon validates what seems clinically highly efficient.   I have now been using EMDR for the last six years of my 24 years as a therapist and it has very much increased my clinical efficiency.

I regard the BioLateral™ tapes as quite unique in that you can select one for the needs of your client.  For some specialist applications, the client can be instructed to assist themselves on a much more frequent basis than you can offer clinical time.   Some patients who have first undergone EMDR have reported profound relaxation using a  BioLateral™ tape which they have not found in other methods of relaxation.   Others that have been afraid of the process have been reassured by the gentleness of the BioLateral™ tapes and have felt that they can allow more graded exposure to their fears during sessions.  However, I do not let them make the mistake of thinking they are simple relaxation tapes.  They have the power of the full EMDR process and should only be used 'as prescribed' under supervision.

I would be pleased to recommend them to any therapist.”

Yours sincerely,

Philip Dutton
EMDR Institute Facilitator
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Central Scotland - UK


From a client who has recently completed EMDR treatment:
“I want to share with you my continued exhilaration and feeling of rebirth. Many things have happened where I set my own boundaries, eliminating my anger, resentment and victim-like feelings. I will be eternally grateful to you for helping me open the door, letting out my fears and embracing the excitement I feel for life. Thank you David for the adventure. You are my Annie Sullivan.”

From a railroad engineer:
“Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your helping me through the suicide in front of my train. When I returned home after our session, my wife commented about how I returned a different person than when I left. My biggest fear was how I was going to be on Monday when I operated my train over the accident spot. As it turned out, I had almost no particular reaction and I presently go about my job as routinely as ever. Thank you so much for your kindness and invaluable help.”


From a Psychiatrist in Brisbane, Australia:
I attended your presentation in San Francisco last year which I enjoyed immensely. I started EMDR training in 1993, and like you had drifted away from eye moving to hand tapping some time before I heard you speak. I bought two copies of your tape which I and 98% of my patients have found distinctly preferable to the eye movements and hand-tapping. One of my tapes has worn out!!! (from excessive use!). I even listen to it myself, great at reducing end of day stress!”

From a therapist from Israel:
“I am positively awestruck at the thought of going anywhere not horizontal and low without anxiety! The anxieties aroused by this trip aren't easy to target, but I find the relaxation of your tapes extremely helpful. Also already used them with a client - very successfully."


“This is just a note to express my thanks and grateful appreciation for your help and kindness to me in Belfast. I am proud and privileged to have met you and very much admire your work with the EMDR-HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Program). I learned a lot from your seminar in Ireland and it is already reflected in my practice. I also convey the grateful thanks of the clinicians from Dunblane for the generosity you have shown them.”

Evaluations of attendees of my half day seminar at the 1997 EMDR International Conference:
“Best workshop of the conference!”
“Absolutely wonderful.”
“Stimulating and enjoyable”
“It was fascinating and very helpful.”
“A validation of my own innovations with EMDR.”