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Any four CDs $100 (Recommend choices: The Best of BioLateral II, Present Tents, Beyond The Inner Mirror, Inner Mirror)

Absolute Package* ($695): Includes All Eight CDS, Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2 DVD Trainings, Emotional Healing at Warp Speed And This is Your Brain on Sports Books.


Brainspotting DVD Training Package* ($495): Includes Phase 1 with equipment and Phase 2 DVDs.


CD and Book Package *($130): 4 CDs of your choice plus Emotional Healing at Warp Speed and This is Your Brain on Sports Books.

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MP3 of Waiting for Lefty and Righty | BioLateral CD #4


A multi-track combination of basic left/right tones in different tempos (including No Frills) with bonus children's song.
In MP3 Format. Suitable for iPods and computers and may be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Sample MP3(s): 

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