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  • Upon completing payment for your MP3s, you will receive an email with a link to your downloads. You can also get to all your downloads from your account page by following the link “Files.” Click the title of the archive you want to download.
  • You will need to be logged in to retrieve your download. If you have trouble logging in, try resetting your password first. If troubles continue, contact us.


  1. Right click on the file title and select Save As to your Desktop.

    The download is a “zip” folder of MP3s. To ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ your download, find the zip archive on your Desktop. You should see a dialog window like this:

  2. First choose “Browse” and extract the files to your Desktop. Then follow the prompts to complete the extraction.
  3. Open iTunes and under the File menu (in the top left of your screen) choose “Add Folder to Library.” Browse to the Desktop where you extracted your MP3s and choose the folder which contains them. Follow the prompts to complete the import.


    1. In the current Mac OSX, your download will save to your Downloads folder. Double click the archive to uncompress it.
    2. Open iTunes. Click on File (at the top left of your screen), select Add to Library. Select the Downloads folder, then the uncompressed folder you created. iTunes should load all of the files in the folder into your library. You can easily find your Biolateral tracks by searching for Emdr.

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