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Getting Your MP3 Files

Log into your account by click on My Account on the upper left corner of the website. From your Dashboard choose My Downloads. Click on the link with the label Download. This will redirect you to a file repository from OneDrive. From this repository you can choose the .ZIP file and click on the Download button on the upper left corner of your browser.




Depending on your browser, you will be asked to save your .ZIP file. Most browsers today, save to the Downloads folder of your computer. This file is typically located in the local computer’s user profile along with the Documents, Pictures and Videos folder. You can most likely find your .ZIP file in the Downloads folder. Once you have started the download process, be patient. The speed at which things download depend on the kind of file your are downloading and the speed of your home or office internet connection. Audio files like MP3s are faster to download than Video files.


Extract/ Unzip Your Files

Once you have located your downloaded files, extract/ unzip these files. You can do this by right-clicking on the file and choosing Extract All. An Extract Compressed window will pop-up. Choose the Extract button. Depending on what kind of file you have purchased it may take some time to unzip. Audio files like MP3s are faster than Video files, so please be patient while your computer extracts. Also, speeds may vary by computer. Congratulations, you now have all the files. You can enjoy them on any computer program. Many computers have a Default program that opens certain types of files. If you double click on the file the default program will open it to play it.



Getting them into iTunes

Open your iTunes program. If you are using a Mac computer, iTunes comes native and is called Music. If you are using a PC, you may need to download the iTunes program from Apple’s website or click here to go to download.

Once your iTunes program is open, click on the menu option File. From File, choose Add Folder to Library. Choose the folder you just extracted in the previous steps. Apple iTunes program will link your folder/files and have them available in iTunes for your to use.



The album should display in your iTunes library. If it was a video, it will show up in your Video library. Enjoy.



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