Distance Learning Program in Natural Flow EMDR


Day I: NATURAL FLOW EMDR: A Creative Resourcing Model
Natural Flow EMDR is a creative, integrative, resourcing model. It draws from Somatic Experience, body resourcing and ego state and uses innovations of practice (EMs of varied speeds/ directions, continuous sound stimulation, and tactile variations). This approach entails gentle, low "SUDS" processing. The Natural Flow EMDR videotapes combine lecture with live demonstration, active audience participation and mini-practica.

Day II: EMDR Performance & Creativity Enhancement & Acting Coaching
Teaches how to harness state-of-the art EMDR performance and creativity enhancement techniques with professional and elite athletes, performing artists, writers, and executives. Acting coaching is the innovative use of EMDR protocols and bilaterality to help actors face creative challenges and get deeper into character. Observe David working with an actress performing an monologue and see the dramatic difference after using EMDR.

DVDs are encouraged to be used in conjunction with peer/study groups.
9 DVDs, handout and quiz

Price: $295.00